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 The MCFileManager is a online file management utility, available as PHP and .NET, that is seamlessly integrated with TinyMCE. This utility can also be used standalone and it's easy to integrate with your backend system. MCFileManager also integrates nicely with MCImageManager forming a complete set of file and image management functionality.

Need a demonstration? Click here for demo. If you want to see how it works with TinyMCE try clicking the "Browse" icon in the insert image or insert link dialogs in the Full example.

You can view the extensive configuration options through the documentation (wiki website). The documentation really show how powerful the configuration possibilities are.

Visit the forum (tinymce website) to ask questions about MCFileManager and get tips & tricks as well as support.

Key Features

  • Easy to integrate, seamless integration with TinyMCE
  • Create directories and documents from templates
  • Flexible configuration through .htaccess like files
  • Upload files, allow/deny files names by patterns.
  • Manage access, enable/disable actions in various directories.
  • Easy to extend with custom plugins.
  • Full source included, not obfuscated.
  • Zip/Unzip support works just like any directory.
  • Ajax based interface using a JSON bridge.
  • Language support.

In some instances you might want to integrate this software with other platforms, these are the currently supported platforms (PHP version). It is of course possible to integrate into most CMS systems, but these have pre-included Authenticator modules.
  • Integration instructions and authenticator for Drupal 6+
  • Integration instructions and authenticator for Wordpress 2.0+
  • Integration instructions and authenticator for PHPnuke 7.8.

Integration can be tricky, if you have problems or questions, visit the forums.

License alternatives for MCFileManager
1 Site/Domain $64 (+VAT) €50 (+VAT) >> Buy now for PHP
>> Buy now for .NET
Server License 1 Machine
Unlimited Domains
$380 (+VAT) €299 (+VAT) >> Buy now for PHP
>> Buy now for .NET
Enterprise License
see below for details.
$762 (+VAT) €599 (+VAT) >> Buy now for PHP
>> Buy now for .NET
Enterprise License Bundle
discount for purchasing both
MCImageManager & MCFileManager.
$1150 (+VAT)
$125 discount
€900 (+VAT)
€98 discount
>> Buy now for PHP
>> Buy now for .NET


Payment will be in EUR through Paypal, the USD prices are not always up to date with current exchange rates.

Click on the "Buy now" next to the prices to proceed with purchase on the moxiecode.com website. When the transaction is confirmed you will recieve an email with link to the download and your invoice.

Enterprise License

The Enterprise License is suited for customers that need to integrate the filemanager into their own products. This license means that its possible to bundle the filemanager and re-distribute it with your commercial software as you see fit. The Enterprise License also includes a full year of upgrades instead of the standard 6 months.


We offer a discount if you purchase both the MCFileManager and MCImageManager Enterprise license at the same time.


Contact Moxiecode Systems AB if you have any questions about the license. sales (at) moxiecode (dot) com.

Upgrades & Support

The license includes upgrades for 6 months (12 months for Enterprise License). Upgrading after this period costs the cost of the original license cost for another 6 or 12 month upgrade period. Support is available through forum and email.


If you require special development of code, we can provide this service at our standard cost per hour, contact us for more details.

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